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The electrical & instrumentation systems power your plant so their design and installation are not something we leave to chance. PYRAMID E & I GROUP has an excellent track record of delivering projects on schedule, thanks to our team of electrical & instrumentation engineers specialized in delivering exceptional electrical and instrumentation works, including testing and commissioning. We undertake Engineering a Read More



Pyramid Engineering has been provided the project execution/solution/modification as terms for Process-based Industries of Oil & Gas, Petroleum/Petrochemical.
PEPL project works are complemented by management provision of all require, special support services such as Civil Works, Surfacing Preparation (Blasting) Coating (Painting/GRE Wrapping/TFA/Galvanizing), Insulation & Packing, Non-Destructive Examination Read More


Thermal Insulation

INSULATORS is a construction service company specializing in Thermal Insulation, Refractory, Coating and Structural Fireproofing Services in the Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical and Offshore platforms.
Thermal Insulation for Hot Services and Cold Services
•    Technical Consultancy for thermal insulation.
•    Supply of insulation materials.Installation of Insulation fo Read More


General Civil Works

With multiple distinguished awards under belt, expertise in the field of civil engineering has saw that expand construction of footprint on a progressive scale to the clout as today.
Oblivious to many is dominant role as a contributing force behind the country’s success in balancing economic fluidity and environmental considerations. Countless improvements to public infrastructure of encompass roads, walkways, d Read More


Refactory Lining

Refractory lining for furnaces, boilers, reactors and etc., include monolithic,non-monolithic, erosion, and acid refractory.
•    Inspection and Technical Consultancy for refractory lining.
•    Supply of refractory materials.
•    Installation of refractory lining.
•    Repair and relining of refractory. Read More


Control And Intrumentation

Control and instrumentation (C&I) in engineering refer to the systems, devices, and techniques used to monitor, regulate, and control various processes and operations within engineering systems.

  • Design, Engineering, and Installation of Instrument & Control Panels
  • Installation of Fire & G Read More

Tank Cleaning And Hydro Jetting

Tank cleaning and hydro jetting are essential services in engineering, particularly in industries where storage tanks are utilized for various purposes such as storing liquids, chemicals, petroleum products, or wastewater


  • Cleaning of various types of tanks, including Crude, Fuel oil, Slope, Mogas, Diesel, and all white and black product tanks
  • Man less cleaning using (3D) nozzle or But Read More


Scaffolding in engineering is a temporary structure erected to support workers and materials during construction or maintenance work.

  • We can provide service ad-hoc
Read More

Hydro-Jetting Works

Hydro jetting is a technique professional plumbers use to clean slow-moving or clogged sewage lines. It uses water to scour heavy buildup from sewer pipes as quickly and easily as if it were debris in the street

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